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Our mission is to help you avoid surrendering your dog to a kennel or to just anyone for free. With pride and joy, senior dogs are our specialty so please let us be the one you reach out to...

CAROL'S PET GROOMING has provisions for multiple needs. Along side of our mainstay of daily grooming, we are very active in the aid of rescue. We have a very large customer base that we have had the privilege of adding a new loved one to their own homes. THERE IS NO INTEREST IN ANY FINANCIAL GAIN we are simply here to help because we LOVE what we do. Staffed with 10 volunteers on site, they genuinely provide 24 hr.care including walks, feedings, lots of play and TLC. We have an extensive protocol that includes a complete examination of the potentially new home when it comes to placing your pet in the right care.

Do you need to surrender an animal to us?
Deciding to surrender your pet can be very emotional and difficult for both you and your pet. Carol's would like to make that decision and the surrender process as easy as possible. If we can help you find a way for your pet to remain a member of your family that is our first priority. But if that’s not possible, we want you to know that we are happy to receive your animal and find them a loving, caring, long term home.

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Owner Surrender Program
Carol's is a limited admission shelter, which means we can only take in what we have room to house and that we do not euthanize for time or space. Please understand that we are committed to each of our dogs for life! Because of the quality of care administered to all of our homeless pets, we require a $50 surrender fee if your pet is accepted into our adoption program. This nominal fee does not come close to covering the significant cost of food, medically caring for, sheltering, and adopting out your pet. Please complete the surrender form and contact your veterinarian to obtain all updated medical information.

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